Columbus Grove High School swept the 2018 Northwest Conference track championships in a meet hosted at the Spencerville High School track.  The championship was the 23rd overall title for the Grove boys’ squad.  The boys’ team from Bluffton placed second having won the boys’ championship last year.  The girls’ championship was won by Columbus Grove for the fifth straight year and gives the Grove girls a total of 14 overall team championships.  The girls’ team from Spencerville finished second.

1. Columbus Grove 111, 2. Bluffton 107, 3. Lincolnview 106.5, 4. Ada 96.5, 5. Spencerville 93, 6. Crestview 42, 7. Allen East 36, 8. Delphos Jefferson 32, 8. Paulding 32

1. Columbus Grove 202.5, 2. Spencerville 112.5, 3. Lincolnview 90, 4. Bluffton 79.5, 5. Paulding 67, 6. Crestview 34.5, 7. Ada 30.5, 8. Allen East 24, 9. Delphos Jefferson 19.5

Complete Results

Individual NWC Champions
4×800 Meter Relay: Bluffton (Asher Antrim/Christopher Harnish/Luke Young/Baylor Garmatter)
110 Meter Hurdles: Kyle Nickles, Allen East
100 Meter Dash: Brad Korte, Lincolnview
4×200 Meter Relay: Spencerville (Dylan Baughman/Chris Picker/Cannon Johnson/Vinicius Vieira De Souza)
1600 Meter Run: Asher Antrim, Bluffton
4×100 Meter Relay: Spencerville (Cannon Johnson/Chris Picker/Drew Armstead/Vinicius Vieira De Souza)
400 Meter Dash: Baylor Garmatter, Bluffton
300 Meter Hurdles: Kyle Nickles, Allen East
800 Meter Run: Miguel Jordan, Ada
200 Meter Dash: Brad Korte, Lincolnview
3200 Meter Run: Karter Tow, Lincolnview
4×400 Meter Relay: Delphos Jefferson (Evan Poling/Jacob McClure/Brayden McClure/Davion Tyson)
High Jump: Kayla Reynolds, Columbus Grove
Pole Vault: Evan Hopkins, Columbus Grove
Long Jump: Brad Korte, Lincolnview
Discus Throw: Davion Tyson, Delphos Jefferson
Shot Put: Noah Mattson, Ada

4×800 Meter Relay: Columbus Grove (Erin Downing/Taylor Ellerbrock/Lauren Benroth/Alyssa Ellerbrock)
100 Meter Hurdles: Nelaya Burden, Spencerville
100 Meter Dash: Rylee Sybert, Columbus Grove
4×200 Meter Relay: Columbus Grove (Abigail Gladwell/Bailey Dunifon/Taylor Ellerbrock/Rylee Sybert)
1600 Meter Run: Alyssa Ellerbrock, Columbus Grove
4×100 Meter Relay: Paulding (Jacee Harwell/Gabriella Stahl/Jessica Weller/Maggie Manz)
400 Meter Dash: Lauren Benroth, Columbus Grove
300 Meter Hurdles: Carlee McCluer, Columbus Grove (New NWC Meet Record)
800 Meter Run: Erin Downing, Columbus Grove
200 Meter Dash: Rylee Sybert, Columbus Grove
3200 Meter Run: Alyssa Ellerbrock, Columbus Grove
4×400 Meter Relay: Columbus Grove (Erin Downing/Taylor Ellerbrock/Lauren Benroth/Carlee McCluer)
High Jump: Kaleb Jefferson, Bluffton
Pole Vault: Gabrielle Goecke, Spencerville
Long Jump: Olivia Gorman, Lincolnview
Discus Throw: Madisyn Maag, Columbus Grove
Shot Put: Madisyn Maag, Columbus Grove