track_150Columbus Grove won the boys championship for the 3rd year in a row with Coach Chris Grothaus being voted as NWC Coach of the Year by his peers.  Senior Noah Stratton (Bluffton) was voted as the NWC Male Athlete of the Year for the second year in a row.  Stratton won first place in both the 400m Dash and the 4x200m Relay while finishing 2nd in the 200m Dash and the 4x400m Relay. Columbus Grove won the girls championship with Coach Tim Staley being voted as Coach of the Year.  Senior Brittany Archer was voted as Female Athlete of the Year.  Archer won 3 events (100m Dash, 4x100m Relay, and 200m Dash) while finishing 3rd in the 4x200m Relay.

1. Columbus Grove 134, 2. Bluffton 123, 3. Spencerville 101, 4. Lincolnview 85, 5. Allen East 62, 6. Crestview 56, 7. Ada 54, 8. Paulding 48, 9. Delphos Jefferson 0

1. Columbus Grove 152, 2. Spencerville 137.5, 3. Bluffton 87, 4. Ada 75.5, 5. Allen East 68.5, 6. Delphos Jefferson 46, 7. Crestview 40.5, 8. Lincolnview 28, 9. Paulding 27

Complete Event Results

NWC Individual Event Champions
4×800 Meter Relay:
Columbus Grove (Alex Giesege/Colton Grothaus/Boone Brubaker/Bryce Sharrits)
110 Meter Hurdles: Anthony Schuh, Spencerville
100 Meter Dash: Isaac Little, Bluffton
100 Meter Dash Wheelchair: Daniel Klingler, Ada
4×200 Meter Relay: Bluffton (Isaac Little/Robbie Stratton/Dylan Alt/Noah Stratton)
1600 Meter Run: Bayley Tow, Lincolnview
4×100 Meter Relay: Bluffton (Adam Wannemacher/Dylan Alt/Andrew Lee/Isaac Little)
400 Meter Dash: Noah Stratton, Bluffton
400 Meter Dash Wheelchair: Daniel Klingler, Ada
300 Meter Hurdles: Hunter Blankemeyer, Lincolnview
800 Meter Run: Bryce Sharrits, Columbus Grove
800 Meter Run Wheelchair: Daniel Klingler, Ada
200 Meter Dash: Isaac Little, Bluffton
3200 Meter Run: Mycah Grandstaff, Crestview (NWC Record)
4×400 Meter Relay: Allen East (Evan Thomas/Logan Rex/Spencer Miller/Matt Shuey)
Pole Vault: Colton Miller, Spencerville
High Jump: Baily Clement, Columbus Grove
Long Jump: Trevor McMichael, Spencerville
Discus Throw: Rece Roney, Columbus Grove
Shot Put: Logan Vandemark, Spencerville

4×800 Meter Relay: Spencerville (Cierra Adams/Tori Hardesty/Kennedy Sharp/Karri Purdy)
100 Meter Hurdles: Sydney McCluer, Columbus Grove
100 Meter Dash: Brittney Archer, Ada
4×200 Meter Relay: Columbus Grove (Raiya Flores/Kristin Wynn/Linnea Stephens/Haley Roe)
1600 Meter Run: Tori Hardesty, Spencerville
4×100 Meter Relay: Ada (Hannah Price/Carlee Marshall/Katey Stuart/Brittney Archer)
400 Meter Dash: Julia Wynn, Columbus Grove
300 Meter Hurdles: Sydney McCluer, Columbus Grove
800 Meter Run: Karri Purdy, Spencerville
200 Meter Dash: Brittney Archer, Ada
3200 Meter Run: Tori Hardesty, Spencerville
4×400 Meter Relay: Columbus Grove (Kristin Wynn/Sydney McCluer/Linnea Stephens/Julia Wynn)
Pole Vault: Schylar Miller, Spencerville
High Jump: Hannah McCleery, Lincolnview
Long Jump: Schylar Miller, Spencerville
Discus Throw: Lynea Diller, Columbus Grove
Shot Put: Lynea Diller, Columbus Grove