2020 OHSVCA Volleyball All-Ohio Teams

The Ohio High School Volleyball Coaches Association announced the 2020 Volleyball All-Ohio teams.

Division III All-Ohio
Honorable Mention
Kylie Stackhouse – MH – Bluffton

Division IV All-Ohio
Second Team
Kendall Bollenbacher – OH – Lincolnview

Honorable Mention
Brianna Ebel – S – Lincolnview

Complete 2020 OHSVCA Volleyball All-Ohio Teams: Division I | Division II | Division III | Division IV

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11/7 OHSAA State Cross Country Championships

Division III State Championships at Fortress Obetz
6. Columbus Grove 208, 18. Lincolnview 425
Individual Results: 37. Caleb Stechschulte, Columbus Grove; 41. Trent Koch, Columbus Grove; 55. Carson Closson, Columbus Grove; 82. Erik Nygaard, Bluffton; 85. Daegan Hatfield, Lincolnview; 88. Jackson Robinson, Lincolnview; 91. Tayden Pingle, Columbus Grove; 125. Roy Langhals, Columbus Grove; 131. Caleb Morman, Columbus Grove; 133. Brandon Renner, Lincolnview; 142. Derek Birkemeier, Columbus Grove; 157. Conner Baldauf, Lincolnview; 163. Ethan Scaggs, Lincolnview; 169. Kohen Cox, Lincolnview; 176. Keagan Farris, Lincolnview
Complete Results

Individual Results: 42. Madison Langdon, Lincolnview; 62. Lillee Stewart, Spencerville
Complete Results

10/31 OHSAA Cross Country Regionals

Division III Boys Regional at Tiffin
Top seven teams and those individuals that finish in the top 28 advance to the state.
1. Columbus Grove 98 (4. Trent Koch, 6. Caleb Stechschulte, 28. Carson Closson, 37. Tayden Pingle, 59. Roy Langhals, 68. Caleb Morman, 103. Derek Birkemeier), 6. Lincolnview 237 (24. Daegan Hatfield, 44. Jackson Robinson, 60. Brandon Renner, 72. Conner Baldauf, 112. Ethan Scaggs, 153. Keagan Farris, 154. Kohen Cox), 13. Bluffton 335, 16. Crestview 388, Allen East NTS
Individual State Qualifiers: 25. Erik Nygaard, Bluffton
Complete Results

Division III Girls Regional at Tiffin
Top seven teams and those individuals that finish in the top 28 advance to the state.
19. Crestview 438, 20. Columbus Grove 443, Lincolnview NTS, Spencerville NTS
Individual State Qualifiers: 19. Madison Langdon, Lincolnview; 26. Lillee Stewart, Spencerville
Complete Results

2020 NWC Football All-Conference Teams

NWC Coach of the Year: Andy Schaefer – Columbus Grove
NWC Offensive Player of the Year: Blake Reynolds – Columbus Grove
NWC Defensive Player of the Year: Blake Hershberger – Allen East

1st Team Offense
Quarterback: Blake Reynolds – Columbus Grove
Running Back: Gunner Grigbsy – Spencerville; Brody Brecht – Crestview; Logan Gerardot – Crestview
Wide Receiver: Gabe Clement – Columbus Grove; Bradden Crumrine – Allen East; Jacksen Schroeder – Columbus Grove
Offensive Line: Eli Myers – Allen East; Jeff Meyer – Columbus Grove; Mitch Douglas – Columbus Grove; Carson Kreischer – Crestview; Mason Penix – Crestview

1st Team Defense
Defensive Line: Gabe Criblez – Allen East; Gunner King – Columbus Grove; Trevon Barton – Crestview; Griffin Schwartz – Spencerville
Linebacker: Blake Hershberger – Allen East; Ezra Jones – Columbus Grove; Brody Brecht – Crestview; Keegan Goecke – Spencerville
Defensive Back: Bradden Crumrine – Allen East; Jon Banal – Columbus Grove; Logan Gerardot – Crestview; Cody Bockey – Spencerville
Specialist: Rece Verhoff – Columbus Grove

2nd Team Offense
Quarterback: Tyler Clum – Allen East
Running Back: Tyson Shutler – Bluffton; Colin Metzger – Columbus Grove; Dale Smith – Spencerville
Wide Receiver: Gavin Maxwell – Allen East; Caleb Manz – Paulding; Adrian Manz – Paulding
Offensive Line: Eli Criblez – Allen East; Aaron Tabler – Bluffton; Landon Freimoth – Crestview; Tanner Short – Crestview Brandon Dues – Spencerville

2nd Team Defense
Defensive Line: Evan Shafer – Allen East; Mitch Douglas – Columbus Grove; Ethan Halker – Columbus Grove; Carson Kreischer – Crestview
Linebacker: Travis Wilson – Allen East; Jordan Motter – Allen East; AJ Schaefer – Columbus Grove; Hunter Kauser – Paulding; DJ Bowens – Spencerville
Defensive Back: Jacob Hershberger – Allen East; Gavin Maxwell – Allen East; Tyson Shutler – Bluffton; Blake Reynolds – Columbus Grove
Specialist: Gabe Clement – Columbus Grove

Offense Honorable Mention
Quarterback: Nate Schaadt – Bluffton; Colin Bailey – Delphos Jefferson; Payton Beckman – Paulding
Wide Receiver: Carter Young – Allen East; Jacob Hershberger – Allen East; AJ Schaefer – Columbus Grove; Jon Banal – Columbus Grove; Ayden Lichtensteiger – Crestview; Andrew Miller – Delphos Jefferson; Deyton Price – Paulding
Offensive Line: Gunner Rister – Allen East; Trent Howard – Bluffton; Ezra Jones – Columbus Grove; Ethan Halker – Columbus Grove; Ian Bailey – Crestview; Brandan Hornish – Paulding; Dylan Cook – Spencerville; Isaih Pugh – Spencerville

Defense Honorable Mention
Defensive Line: Cole Austin – Allen East; Jackson Wilson – Bluffton; Aaron Tabler – Bluffton; Mason Penix – Crestview; Ian Bailey – Crestview; Quintin Gonzalez – Paulding; Brandon Dues – Spencerville
Linebacker: Chase Miller – Allen East; Blaine Belcher – Allen East; Kameron Coughlan – Bluffton; Ryan Bogart – Columbus Grove; Tadd Koch – Columbus Grove; Dalton Castle – Crestview; Adrian Manz – Paulding; Cade Elling – Spencerville
Defensive Back: Landyn Fleharty – Bluffton; Landon Myers – Columbus Grove; Carson Hunter – Crestview; Deyton Price – Paulding; Tyler Koenig – Spencerville
Specialist: Bradden Crumrine – Allen East; Kaden Kreischer – Crestview

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